Team Coaching

Take the Best of What Is
Get More of It

How is Team Coaching useful?
Team Coaching is useful in organizations for teams engaged in specific projects and for leadership engaged in strategic planning and implementation. Using Team Coaching you answer questions like: What is our team purpose? How do we define success? What is the future of our organization? What direction should we take our team? Should we reorganize? How do we retain our best people and cut the costs of attrition? How do we focus our time, energy, and resources so a year from now we are better serving our clients, internal and external? What skills do our mentors need to be effective? What skills will take our leaders to the next level? How do we get from where we are today to where we want to be in 5, 10, 15, 20 or more years? I support you in finding the right answers for you. I bring you the best of understanding of the real world combined with top notch consulting and coaching skills. Call me at 703-297-2224 to identify and accomplish what you want.

What do we do when we use team coaching?
Team Coaching is a 5 Step Process that draws on the best of coaching and Appreciative Inquiry*. Like Appreciative Inquiry, the cycle flips the traditional model of organizational change on its head by asking What is right with this organization? in place of asking about problems. Using a focus on the positive as a base, through coaching and Appreciative Inquiry you involve as much of the organization as desired in the process of identifying the best of the organization so as to get more of it, consistently and in all areas. The 5 steps to achieve clarity through Team Coaching are:

  1. create a succinct statement of what is best about your project or organization,
  2. identify what your vision is for your project or organization,
  3. commit to and take steps to make your vision real,
  4. identify what enables you to succeed as you implement those steps, and
  5. link organizational and individual success through executive coaching for the leadership team.

CRC Consulting developed and continuously improves this cycle through ongoing learning and experience with numerous clients, individually and organizationally.

*The term Appreciative Inquiry was coined by David Cooperrider at Case Western University in 1987 and caused a revolution in organizational change.

What does my organization get when we use Team Coaching?
When your organization uses Team Coaching as the base for identifying changes, you get a comprehensive picture of where your organization or project is headed, based on what makes it the best, so you can focus your time, energy and money to have your project succeed and to make the organization continuously better.

How do we benefit from having you coach our team?
You benefit from having me guide you because 1) as a neutral I accept you for who you are while supporting your growth, 2) as a skilled facilitator and coach I keep the process on track and support overall participation, and 3) as an expert I understand the process, while continually increasing my knowledge for your benefit.

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