SUN ICF ACTP Coach Training Graduation Requirements

Coach-in-Training (CIT) understands that the following, in addition to the 125-hours of completed training, are pre-requisites to coach training gradation from the SUN ICF ACTP:

  • Learns the unique SUN techniques and uses them personally and as a coach for a minimum of 5 months.

  • Accurately demonstrates analysis of a Results and Well-Being Chart.

  • Establishes her/his coaching business by creating a written Business Plan, marketing strategy, coaching forms, files, accounting system, and a record-keeping system that meets ICF, SUN, Federal, state, and local requirements.

  • Obtains and coaches at least three paying clients through the complete SUN program, managing all aspects of the coach-client relationship.

  • Reviews each client coaching meeting with Trainer so as to receive a minimum of 10-hours mentor coaching from Trainer as part of the 125-hour SUN ICF-ACTP.

  • Reviews Client Appraisal Forms #4 and #8 and Progress Report Forms for each client with Trainer.

  • Maintain the procedures, standards and policies of SUN as set forth in the SUN Manual.

  • Creates own Guidelines for Coaching.

  • Completes Personal Mastery Practicum.

  • Passes Ethics Exam with a minimum score of 90%.

  • Completes 6 coaching observations – all with verbal feedback and 4 with written feedback.

  • Passes two Interim Exams with an average combined score of 5+

  • Passes two Final Exams with an average score of 5+ on each exam and 5+ on each competency. Note: One of the Final Exams will be done by a trained Appraiser other than your Coach Trainer.