Become a Coach with Coach Training

Success Unlimited Network, LLC, an International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training Program

International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training Program

Do you find that people turn to you for advice, yet somehow advice doesn’t create lasting change in those around you?

You wonder if there is something more powerful.

If you want to help people achieve what’s important to them, but don’t know the best way to start, read on.

Because you are an intelligent, caring human being with an open curiosity about life and how we all can be who we are. And you may already be involved in informal “coaching” roles.

You’re ready for what’s next.

Become a professional Coach and make a difference.

Help people, teams, and organizations achieve what matters today.

Through coach training, grow your coaching so you and your clients can access the power of professional coaching. I became a coach because it was the only thing I’d ever seen be effective for long-term change. And it requires a skill set that is different from other skill sets.

You get training to be a professional Coach so you can help people, teams, and organizations achieve their desires in the areas of:

  • leadership
  • balance
  • career
  • relationships
  • spirituality
  • self confidence

and more!

Are you ready to become a coach?

In becoming a Coach ask yourself:

  • How strong is my sense of self?
  • Do I know my values?
  • How do I acknowledge myself?
  • To what extent do I trust?
  • How do I deal with intimacy?
  • What is balance for me? (life areas, doing and being)
  • How strong is my self-esteem?
  • What are the ways I enhance others’ self-esteem?
  • How do I take feedback?
  • What are the ways I cope with stresses within relationships?
  • How much am I willing to share my vulnerabilities?
  • What is the strength of my sense of purpose?
  • How important is continuous growth and development?
  • Do I have 6 months financial support to sustain me as I build my coaching business?

Want outstanding coach training?

Come start your journey in the Success Unlimited Network community!

Success Unlimited Network (SUN) is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP):

Success Unlimited Network Coaching

Success Unlimited Network Coaching

  • With a focus on Doing + Being
  • Honoring your life framework and
  • Training you as a coach who enables your clients to graduate.

While all ICF-ACTP programs provide 125+ hours of coach training focused on ICF Professional Coaching competencies and ethics, with SUN you can choose to have the majority of your coach training done 1:1 or in very small groups so you can proceed at the right pace for you and so you can ask questions and learn in the way most comfortable to you. You always get personalized attention and feedback to grow your coaching skills.

What are the entrance requirements for SUN coach training?

  • A deep caring for people
  • The ability to be in the question allowing clients to have their own answers
  • A commitment to your own personal growth and discovery as evidenced by a minimum of 5 years participation in personal/professional continuing education and development programs
  • An awareness that you are on a journey and a willingness to integrate that into your coachingA track record of being in the process of achieving results & well-being.
  • Work experiences of a minimum of three years
  • Agreement to maintain the ethics and standards of behavior set by the ICF and SUN, including to be responsible for finding clients to coach

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What do you mean when you talk about being on a “journey” and Coaching in SUN?

Coaches who coach with SUN are growing and developing the following qualities:

  • Open to the unknown
  • In tune with our own issues
  • Access the neutral observer/wise self
  • Light-hearted and fun-loving
  • Congruent in being and doing
  • Knowledge that We are all connected
  • Living life from the present moment, not the past or future
  • Being responsible for our own choices, no one else’s
  • Total presence to client’s states of being and doing with compassion and acceptance
  • Honoring and working with client’s beliefs, skills, spiritual orientation, strengths and values
  • Expressing from a place of love that which is our truth

Portions by John Collings, MCC and used with permission.

If you meet or want to grow these qualities in yourself, start your coach training.

Begin with a 30-hour course called Improving Personal and Professional Effectiveness. This course takes place in person or electronically, in a group of a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 people. Get an introduction to professional coaching competencies and ethics and immediately apply your learning in a safe group environment. Learn how to create professional agreements with your clients, how to listen for real meaning, and how to coach your client to results.

Make a real difference in the lives of your clients.

What happens once I complete the 30-hours training?

Once you complete this program with Leanne and you are ready to continue your coach training, choose any SUN Coach Trainer you like (see list here) to complete the remaining 95 hours and graduate from the full 125-hour ACTP program. The Success Unlimited Network is distinct among coach training programs in that you learn how to “spot” coach when you have short coaching engagements, as well as all you need to take your clients through a complete 4-6 month coaching program from which your clients graduate with the knowledge they need to continue pursuing their dreams. Read more about what makes our client coaching program unique here.

Read the SUN ICF ACTP Coach Training Graduation Requirements here.

Read more about SUN Coach training.

Contact us at 703-297-2224 or use our online scheduler to set a time to get your free experience of coaching!

I look forward to supporting you in your coach training journey and success, with well-being.

Leanne Cusumano Roque
Associate Coach Trainer, Success Unlimited Network, LLC
Professional Certified Coach (P.C.C.)

Leanne Cusumano Roque, PCC, Associate SUN Coach TrainerLeanne Cusumano Roque, PCC, Associate SUN Coach TrainerLeanne Cusumano Roque, PCC, Associate SUN Coach Trainer