Be a Powerful Leader with Coaching Skills Training

Are you struggling with a team that is always asking you to solve what is really their job?

Learn how to ask the right questions so people take responsibility for their own actions.

Take Core Coaching Skills training.

Every conversation will be different after this 30-hour course. You’ll learn how to listen behind people’s words so you can find out what’s most important to them.

You’ll learn how to:Coaching Skills Training
1) Establish a shared purpose at the beginning of your meetings
2) Listen for how the person talks so you can speak “their language”
3) Ask powerful questions to help them see a bigger picture
4) Give feedback in a way that helps them most
5) Create awareness around their true needs
6) Coach them to actions and goals
7) Manage your meeting time efficiently and respectfully

The Core Coaching Skills training is limited to a maximum of 6 participants. It costs $1849 per student.

Coaching Skills TrainingThe Core Coaching Skills training meets either via ZOOM or in person. Scheduling is flexible.

Occasionally we offer a 1-week intensive for those who come with high motivation and some coaching background.

Email or call or text me directly at 703-297-2224 to learn more or get a program overview.

Coaching Skills Training with Leanne Cusumano Roque