About You

You are

  • intelligent
  • self-motivated
  • successful
  • like to grow
  • Type A (++…)

You have

  • a lot on your plate
  • multiple constituencies, stakeholders, groups with whom you interact
  • top priorities that are either unclear or sliding by

You are ready to

  • spend your time, money, and energy on what matters most to you

Sample Client SarahThe Top Priorities Achievement Program

Sarah is a senior executive recently promoted to a new role. She was selected over an inside candidate. She is parent to two teenagers and in charge of managing care for her ailing father. She loves the work she does and wants to launch two new major initiatives at her company.

At Sarah’s first coaching meeting, Sarah mentions in passing that her siblings are not helping out with her Dad, and then starts to describe the work projects she wants to accomplish. When asked to identify her priorities for the next 6 months, she starts with Career.

As Sarah progresses through her priorities, she does not mention her father. Curious about this, since it was the first thing Sarah mentioned, I ask her where that fits in her priorities. Sarah decides that it belongs as her first priority.

Sarah completes the coaching in 6 months. At the end of the coaching she has completed more than 92% of the top set of priorities she identified as wanting to accomplish at the beginning of the coaching, including:

  • √ Feel better about how I am managing care for my father. 3 at the start of coaching –> 7+ by coaching completion, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest
  • √ Create a team for Initiative #1.
  • √ Create a team for Initiative #2.
  • √ Ask team for Initiative #1 to set 6-month goals for initiative.
  • √ Ask team for Initiative #2 to set 6-month goals for initiative.
  • √ Figure out 3 ways to convey to the inside candidate for my job how I value them.
  • √ Spend one hour a week of 1:1 time with my daughter. 10% of the time nowadays –> 75%+ of the time by coaching completion
  • √ Spend one hour a week of 1:1 time with my son. 15% of the time nowadays –> 85%+ of the time by coaching completion
  • √ Feel I am having more fun in my personal life. 2 –> 6+
  • √ Identify 5 new activities I’d like to try.
  • √ Ask my spouse to go on 1 date a week.
  • √ Begin a written retirement plan.

While there are some results that Sarah identified that she did not accomplish, Sarah says she understands why and knows how to move forward in the direction she wants.

When Sarah graduates from coaching, she says:

  • that she is feeling better about her life in general,
  • that she is better able to set clear priorities for her team and for herself, and
  • that she knows how to continue to do so on her own.

She is also able to accomplish her desired results or understand what to do to move in the direction of her desired outcomes.

To abide by International Coach Federation Ethics, Sarah is a compilation of multiple actual clients – but accurately represents what real clients get from completing the Top Priorities Achievement Program.

If you are a

  •  Type A, such as a
    • Senior executive in a company, non-profit, or the Federal government
    • Scientist, attorney, engineer, or entrepreneur.
  • Want to work in partnership throughout the coaching, since as a coach I do not provide answers or tell clients what to do
  • Willing to consider your personal purpose, values, beliefs, and assumptions
  • Interested in experimenting to find out what makes you successful,
  • Willing to apply consistently what you learn

You can get the most from the Top Priorities Achievement Program.

TPAP is like CPAP – it only works when you use it.

Now that you know the kind of clients we work with, the issues we help them resolve and what our clients need to do to ensure their success –

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