Want to make a difference?

You can.

Coaching can help.

If you’re like many leaders and coaches, you’ve got a wealth of advice, wisdom, and experience which you share freely. But somehow you may not be seeing much change in your teams or with your clients.

Getting professional coaching or learning executive coaching skills can help you be more effective in creating change with your teams, your clients, and in the world.

But where do you start?

First, find a coach or coach trainer or mentor with whom you are comfortable being in partnership. The best coaching and coach training or mentoring happens when you are willing and able to be open and honest. So talk with several coaches and then choose the one that is a match for you.

One question you might ask is about why someone became a coach.

Hi, I’m Leanne. Before I became a coach I practiced law.

I knew it was time to do something different when I realized that by the time my clients got to me, they were already at a point where essentially, a nuclear bomb had gone off in their life.

I love working with people to effect long-term change so they can get on the right path, for them, BEFORE the bomb.

When I saw the effects of coaching for my colleagues, I was impressed. Coaching was the only tool in the workplace toolbox I’d ever seen be effective for long-term change. So I started to ask practicing coaches about their experiences and training, and chose my training with the International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training Program Success Unlimited Network.

Since 2004, I’ve worked with hundreds of professional clients who shift from their technical expertise into leadership positions or work in cross-cultural environments.

Which coaching path is right for you?

In our Executive coaching, you graduate having learned a framework in which you know how to accomplish what matters and maintain a sense of well-being. You can get more of what you do want and less of what you don’t.

In our coach mentoring, you learn professional coaching skills, which are different from other skills like mentoring or consulting. Coaching helps you to help others lead themselves by learning more about what matters to them. Coaching is an adult-adult relationship.

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